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Without a well-defined investment strategy, you are just wandering.

Oakmont Capital Management Investment Management

Portfolios are constructed and discretionarily managed on a flexible and dynamic basis. Client investment objectives, capital market assumptions, and portfolio size help determine the strategy design. We typically consider both active and passive investment styles in the process. Depending on client preferences, we can manage a portfolio in relation to a blended benchmark, a specific return level, or versus an expected level of inflation.

Investment Policy Statement

When appropriate, an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is drafted to help guide the investment process and relationship expectations. It typically outlines portfolio constraints, liquidity considerations, and performance standards. We consider it to be a living document and regularly update it to accommodate any changes that may affect how a portfolio is managed. A properly written IPS provides an effective framework for making prudent decisions, regardless of the market environment.


We strive to develop open and transparent relationships with our clients. This is accomplished through flexible reporting, in-person meetings, and 24/7 custodial website access. Client awareness and education are also important to us. If you have a question regarding a particular market trend or theme, just ask. We can provide topic specific information to help in its understanding. We have access to a variety of databases and research sources.

Portfolio Administration

Whether you are an institution or individual, we can help with the administration of your investment program. This includes overseeing account deposits, the issuance of checks, and the transferring of assets between accounts. If you need cost basis researched, a stock certificate deposited, or year-end tax documents aggregated, we are willing to assist. If you want an industry perspective on the fee levels and relationship characteristics of your other service providers, we can provide it.

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