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Oakmont Capital Management Investment Management


Managed portfolios designed for the investment needs of families in relation to their life goals, tax strategy, and estate plan.

Oakmont Capital Management Institutional Consulting


Investment programs designed for corporate retirement plans, charitable entities, and public funds.

Oakmont Capital Management Family Office


Wealth management for current and future generations that incorporate family-owned business and philanthropic initiatives.

Working with Us

Oakmont Capital Management, LLC is an independent, fee-only registered investment advisor. We enjoy working with a variety of people and institutions, regardless of where they might be on their investment journey. Our clients include families seeking wealth management, plan sponsors building retirement programs, and institutions trying to meet a specific return objective.

We are not a subsidiary or business unit of another company and are owned outright by our individual members. As a fiduciary, we seek to establish open and transparent relationships that are long-term in nature.

We believe everyone should have access to a dedicated Chief Investment Officer. This includes new investors to sophisticated ones as each pursues their own definition of financial well-being.

We welcome all conversations, especially friendly ones!

If you have any questions regarding wealth management, retirement planning, or investing, feel free to give us a call (412) 828-5550!

Oakmont Capital Management Investment Management

Questions we are often asked?

Prudent investing and financial planning are becoming more and more complex. If you find yourself asking any of the following questions, we may be able to help with a thoughtful answer. Often, a question for one person is a question for another.

Oakmont Capital Management Family Office
  • I just sold my business, how do I now invest the proceeds to provide for my family?
  • Will I run out of money during retirement?
  • I’m recently divorced or widowed and do not have a lot of investment experience, what do I do now?
  • How do I take full advantage of the retirement plans offered by my employer?
  • What do I do when my restricted stock units (RSU’s) and/or incentive stock options (ISO’s) vest?
  • As a young investor, how do I responsibly increase my net worth?
  • What are the benefits of implementing a retirement plan at my business?
  • Should my tax strategy be more in sync with my investment strategy?
  • Can I invest in private companies and/or venture capital funds?
  • How do I set up an investment program for my charity or foundation?
  • Can I live abroad and maintain a domestic investment strategy?
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