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Your investment journey can take you almost anywhere.

Oakmont Capital Management, LLC is an independent, registered investment advisor. As our name suggests, we are headquartered in Oakmont, Pennsylvania. We are not a subsidiary or business unit of another company and are owned outright by our individual members. We seek to establish open and transparent relationships with institutions and individuals who have investable assets in the range of $1 million to $500 million.

As an investment advisor, we do not sell any products or securities for a commission or sales charge. This self-imposed restriction permits us to provide what is believed to be balanced and unbiased investment advice.

Our portfolio construction process relates return objectives to risk tolerances while taking into account client considerations. The approach can accommodate the use of different products and securities. This permits us a significant amount of flexibility in implementing different types of investment strategies.

Typically, our clients view us as a colleague rather than a vendor. This allows them to interact with us as their Chief Investment Officer or as an extension of their staff.

The three primary services we offer are Investment Management, Institutional Consulting, and Family Office investment programs. All three services are available in a discretionary or non-discretionary format. Our client base is comprised of corporate retirement plans, charitable organizations, captive insurance companies, public funds, and high net-worth individuals.

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